888 Casino has launched its largest ever £500,000 giveaway

888 Casino is known for its generosity but every now and then players are utterly surprised by the 888-casinomagnitude of some promotions.

The emphasis is not necessarily on bringing in as many highrollers and VIPs, but rather to keep a large number of players happy.

That’s why, even the biggest guaranteed prize pools are split among the high number of players, so everyone receives a slice of the cake. At the time of writing, the €500,000 giveaway is the largest promotion ever launched by this casino.

The amounts are staggering and the list of qualifying games is just as impressive, which makes perfect sense for slot machine fans. There are some similarities between the chosen games in terms of graphics, theme and winning combinations. All of them belong to the five reel variety, with an average of 243 winning combinations and fantastic animations.

Another thing they have in common is the fact that most of them featuring superheroes from Marvel comics and the DC universe.


Playtech’s £250,000 network promotions brought large crowds to online casinos powered by the software developer. 888 Casino was a part of that campaign and customers were enthusiastic and participate in large numbers. Some of them were lavishly rewarded for their commitment, but many more were left hungry for a new opportunity.

It presents itself today and the casino went to great lengths to make sure that everyone knows about this new challenge.

The thing about this giveaway is that the price points shared not only among players who have an account with this casino but also other operators affiliated to the same software developer. This means that competition is significant but with so much money on the table, one lucky break is enough to win a lot of money.

All the new games introduced by Playtech in 2017 and a couple of the hottest games of 2016 are on the list of eligible titles.

This is the perfect incentive for players to try out something different, assuming they haven’t played the latest slots yet. In any case, the huge guaranteed prize pool is going to make many players happy and it’s only fair to assume that this is not the last promotion of this type. 888 Casino has the uncanny ability to surprise players when least expected and all the surprises they make are pleasant ones.